FSX todo lo que hay que saber + modificaciones mejora rendimietoEn vista de los muchos post preguntando sobre el FSX o como mejorar el rendimiento hagamos una recopilación de modificaciones que nos optimizaran el rendimiento

1- Diferencia entre el Flight Simulator 2004 y el FSX
La principal diferencia es el  motor gráfico, mejora de los "suavizados" y nuevos filtros antistrópicos. Nuevos mesh de escenarios con algunos lugares "photorealistas". objetos 3D detallados y con animaciones. Carreteras con tráfico (variable) mejora de la meteorologia, añadiendo reflejos en el suelo de la lluvia. Agua muy realista con reflejos de los objetos.
Todo tipo de fauna autóctona, incluye animales de la selva, marinos y aves.
Altitud máxima del juego 999.999 pies. Nuevas cámaras, nuevas posiblidades multijugador incluyendo control ATC desde la "vista de torre" y la posiblidad de pilotar on-line dos personas en el mismo avión compartiendo controles. Mejora de la sensibilidad y el realismo de las físicas.
Compatible con Directx10

Por la contra:
Escenarios demasiado "desérticos" y en casos poco realistas. Pistas de aeropuertos, mal echas, poco homogéneas con el terreno (nada de hierba y puestos en el terreno como un recorte) consumo escesivo de memoria virtual. El juego ocupa 15 gigas. Necesita un PC con unas carácteristicas descomunales para moverlo con un minimo de "soltura" ya que consume demasiados frames para lo que ofrece. El Fs9 con add-on sigue estando en cabeza, pocos desarolladores se atreven en trabajar en su plataforma. Problemas de compatibilidad con algunas redes on-line como IVAO, de momento el IVAp está en versión BETA con muchos errores.

3-Bién, vayamos a las modificaciones para mejorar el rendimiento. (inglés)


Dear fellow pilots, here we want to collect all known Microsoft Flight Simulator X tweaks, tips and issues to improve our simulator experience.

This page will be updated frequently and you are very welcome helping us to extend this list.

The FSX.cfg file is located in \Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\ and you can open it with Notepad. It's always a good idea to backup files before altering. BTW - don't forget to save the changes you made before closing Notepad.

Please remember - you make all changes on your own risk !

FSX.cfg Tweaks :

Autogen tweak that might help
Many of you have been frustrated that you can't control the density of autogen trees verses buildings because we only have one slider to cover both of them. Some have also been frustrated that our lowest autogen setting is more dense than FS2004 at max density.

If you add these two lines to the [TERRAIN] section of your FSX.CFG, you can define the max number of objects in a terrain cell for trees and buildings independently. The slider will scale down from the numbers you set as the slider is moved to the left. The max tree value in FSX as released is coded to default to 4500 and the building default is 3000 (as shown below) and the absolute max FSX will recognize at all is 6000. Of course if you raise the values beyond the defaults, you will obviously be increasing density and lowering fps (so don't complain if you do this...). The point in sharing this information is that with these settings you can specify what the values are yourself. I had to edit this post because of a bug. Be sure not to set either number to 0 as that will cause problems, but setting it to a very lower number will give you nearly 0 objects.




For faster texture loading you might be able to change the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT to a higher value. For example:



You might add :


This variable determines the amount of CPU time given to loading scenery data as a fraction of the time spent rendering. For example, the default value of 0.33 means that for every 3 milliseconds spent rendering, FS will give 1 millisecond to the scenery loader. If necessary, you can use a larger value to devote more time to loading. Or, if you don't have a problem with the blurries and you want slightly higher frame rates, then you can use a smaller value.


To turn off the red warning text messages, change these lines in FSX.cfg and change True to False



Add the following Section to the FSX.CFG file


According to Brian at Aces this may help if you are getting stutters/pops during turns or when you pan your view around. The default is 1000000. Increasing it to 5000000 or 10000000 trades off some of your video memory against having to re-allocate these things all the time.

Attention ! On some systems this tweak can cause FPS drops and disoriented graphics. If you get in trouble, disable this entry.


File Updates :

Matt Fox altered the AutogenDescriptions.spb, Materials.spb and RoofDescription.sbp files :

QUOTE First backup AutogenDescriptions.spb located in your FSX\Autogen folder. Then unzip the file attached to this post in it's place.

What this does is dumb down your autogen trees so there are a lot fewer types of trees displayed. This is an extreme version meant as a proof of concept that basically sets one tree for each different tree category, whereas FSX default may have 10 or 20 different trees for each category. If it helps, I'm sure someone with more free time than me could come up with several different customized versions, each with a different level of complexity. It's pretty easy to adjust with the SDK.

I don't think this affects the total number of trees displayed. Just the number of different types and variations.

QUOTE Just for kicks I tried same thing with autogen roofs. Replacing Materials.spb and RoofDescription.sbp with the ones in attached zip will decrease the variety of roofs that show on autogen buildings....I think.

You can find his complete Topic and downloads here !. Thanks Matt ! 


Mike Kelly altered the autogen tree and the cloud textures :

QUOTE Please try the attached autogen tree textures. They improved framerates for me but your mileage may vary - post your results here.

The textures have been reduced from the originals and the DXT1 format and alpha channels have been preserved. The dimensions have been reduced by 50%. This results in a reduction in total size of the textures from 10.7MB to 3.9MB. All seasons are included.

Found here !. Thanks Mike !


Useful Links :


Unofficial Tweaks and Mods for FSX

Microsoft Support

FSX Tweak Guide.pdf


Tips & Tricks :

How do you get an image of your add-on aircraft to appear with the others on the aircraft selection screen?

Changing the default FSX zoom level

To display your average framerates replace in the FSX.cfg 'LockedFrameRate=1,2' with 'AverageFrameRate=1,2'. Those with 'LockedFrameRate=2,2' can change to 'AverageFrameRate=2,2'.

The maximum, default ground texture resolution for FSX is 1 meter, the maximum default mesh resolution is 38 meter (LOD 10). To set the values higher may cause performance loss due usage of more recourses and interpolation. The higher detailed settings are provided for future developments. Further you will barely notice a difference (if any) when you reduce the mesh complexity to 60 - 70 %.
**Updates y actualizaciones del juego**

FSX Software Development Kit Update

This update to the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Flight Simulator X includes improvements to almost all aspects of the SDK shipped in the Deluxe version. Please note that this update requires the installation of the original SDK from the Deluxe version of FSX.

Download (90 MB)

Photo-Based Scenery Add-On Update

Certain highly-detailed scenery add-ons that make use of large satellite images may not display correctly in Flight Simulator X. Specifically, you’ll notice large rectangular areas that are black or dark blue, where the proper ground texture does not draw at all. Microsoft has confirmed this issue to be a bug in the Flight Simulator X terrain display engine. To resolve this issue, download and install the Flight Simulator X update for your language, linked below.
Language Download Spanish Download

**Solución error disco 2 al instalar**
1. Create a folder on your desktop called FSX.
2. Copy the contents of Disk one to this folder.
3. Swap Disk 1 for Disk 2.
4. Restart.
5. Copy the files from disk two into the FSX folder on your desktop (a few files have the same name, they are unimportant, but don't overwrite).
6. Now you can take the discs out if you want. And start the installation by double clicking setup.exe in the FSX folder on your desktop.
7. After installation insert your product key and activate as normal.
8. Feel free to delete that FSX folder on your desktop, it'll be huge. FSX runs without any discs in.

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